Our history: 1997-2022

UIC Barcelona, 25 years

Between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, a group of parents and teachers, enthusiastic and motivated by learning and higher education, wanted to create a university project with its own identity, when the legal framework did not yet allow the creation of private universities. However, this did not deter them from searching for ways to approach it with the FERT association on Travessera de Gràcia, in Barcelona. This is our starting point.

The genesis


On 11 May 11, the FERT Association becomes an associate centre of UNED, and on 6 October the Institute of University Studies (IEU), with law and economics, was founded. Students were now required to take the IEU and UNED exams to formalise their degree.


The old Hieronymite convent on the corner of Iradier and Immaculate is acquired: today it is the headquarters of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya .


The first graduating class of the IEU graduates, which in 1985 becomes the "Institut Europeu de Dret i Economia (INEDE)". Rafael Pich-Aguilera takes over the presidency of FERT.


On 25 August, the Organic Law 11/1983 of University Reform is approved, and private universities can now be founded. With the new law, the university project begins development.


The Fundació Familiar Catalana (FFC) is constituted, which, from that moment on, would be the promoter of the FERT and the future new university.


Ramon Guardans becomes the new president of the FFC.


On 25 April, the FFC Board of Trustees raises the proposal for the creation of the Universitat Lliure de Catalunya (ULC) to the Presidency of the Generalitat. On 10 October, the future rector, Jordi Cervós i Navarro, is announced.

The history


On June 3, the Council of Universities approved the foundation of a new university, but opposes the name. On 8 September, the Board approves the definitive name: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.


On 25 September, the law of creation of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (DSPC, núm. 53, de 25 de set.), and on 2 October, the approval of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is published in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC).


On Monday, 6 October, the degrees of Humanities, Journalism (second course), Business Administration and Management, Law, Dentistry, Nursing, Architecture and the diploma of Management and Public Administration begin.


Josep Maria Pujol replaces Ramon Guardans, as president of the Familiar Catalana Foundation.


In September, the Campus de l'Ebre, in Tortosa, opens with four technical engineering diplomas. This campus is closed in 2005. Also begins Physiotherapy, at the Sant Cugat Campus.


In September 1999, the University Dental Clinic (CUO) is opened, and is officially inaugurated on 4 March 2000, by the Minister for Health and Welfare, Eduard Rius. The CUO will be extended in 2017.


In January, the dissection laboratory is inaugurated, which will receive the name of the first rector in 2010: "Dissection Laboratory Dr. Jordi Cervós".


In May, the first graduations take place: Nursing, Business Administration, Law and Management and Public Administration. In September, teacher training courses begin in the Faculty of Humanities.


Josep Argemí i Renom is appointed new rector of the university, replacing Jordi Cervós i Navarro.


The Institute for Advanced Family Studies is founded, the oldest of the five institutes currently open.


Criminology studies begin in the Law Faculty .


Audiovisual Communication courses begin in the Faculty of Humanities. Two years later, Digital Media Studios is inaugurated, with the Minister of Culture and Audiovisual Media, Joan Manuel Tresserres, and the film director Jaume Balagueró.


On October 6, Ramon Guardans is named Doctor Honoris Causa, the first honorary doctorate from UIC Barcelona.


In September, the Faculty of Education is opened, bringing together all teaching degrees independently of the Faculty of Humanities.


On 16 April, Rafael Pich-Aguilera and Peter Franz Riederer are invested Doctor Honoris Causa by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.


On 17 May, the closing of ‘The First International Family and Society Conference’ takes place, by Monsignor Javier Echevarría, prelate bishop of Opus Dei.


In September, the new degree in Medicine begins in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and dentistry becomes part of the new Faculty of Dentistry. Journalism and Audiovisual Communication courses also begin, already under the umbrella of the new Faculty of Communication Sciences.


On 6 May, Joaquín Navarro-Valls and Valentí Fuster are awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.


On 21 October, Pere Alavedra Ribot is appointed new rector of the university, replacing Josep Argemí I Renom.

Inauguració dels edificis de Terré

On 11 October, the new buildings on Terré Street (Delta and Gamma) are inaugurated, and the Faculty of Education is established. The inauguration is attended by the mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, and the Minister of Economy and Knowledge, Andreu Mas-Colell.


The Doctoral School is created.


The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya changes its brand and becomes UIC Barcelona, with a new corporate identity.


In October, Xavier Gil Mur takes office as rector, replacing Pere Alavedra Ribot.


The Hospital General de Catalunya becomes a university hospital. The Comprehensive Centre for Advanced Simulation is inaugurated, at the Sant Cugat Campus.


In September, the Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering begins, and Miguel Ángel Cazcarra is appointed new president of the University Board of Trustees, replacing Josep Maria Pujol.


On 15 November, Pierpaolo Donati and Rivka Oxman are awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by UIC Barcelona.


In September the Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedicine, begins as its own degree course. Official recognition is received in September 2019. The Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Support also begins in University Clinic of Psychology and Psychiatry.


On 21 March, the Campus de l'Experiència is inaugurated.


Due to COVID-19, in March the university must adapt to a completely online system. The Blended Learning UIC Barcelona System is designed.


In September, the Faculty of Education moves to the Sant Cugat Campus and changes its name: Faculty of Education Sciences. That same year, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Thought (CIP) is born.


On 1 October Alfonso Méndiz Noguero takes office as the new rector at the opening ceremony of the 21-22 academic year.


On 28 October Verónica Boix-Mansilla and Paul Levi are awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by UIC Barcelona.


On 14 November Jordi Cervós i Navarro, the first rector of our university, passes away.


On 8 February UIC Barcelona inaugurates a support clinic for advanced diseases and palliative care.


From 13 to15 May the First International Family Support Workshop is held, organised by the Institute of Advanced Family Studies.


25th Anniversary

On 2 October, UIC Barcelona celebrates 25 years with a Holy Mass of Thanksgiving at the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. On 6 October, the solemn inauguration ceremony of the 2022- 2023 academic year takes place, which officially begins the 25th anniversary events.