Commitment to humanistic training

UIC Barcelona commits to a humanistic education capable of enriching all disciplines (or fields of knowledge). For this reason, for the past few years, the University has the Interdisciplinary Centre for Thought (CIP), an academic centre that aims to promote the general cross-disciplinary training, in terms of contents and fields of knowledge.

Thanks to the CIP curriculum, aimed at bachelor’s degree students, regardless of the degree they are studying, as well as the faculty, all students will be able to understand and critically analyse the elements that define the human person (Anthropology), individual behaviour and life in society (Ethics) based on humanist ideas and values.

The subjects offered by this Centre encourage reflection on the great topics of the human condition and its existence, as well as history, culture, the contemporary world and science as it relates to the University’s mission, and the implications of its Christian identity. The CIP has an interdisciplinary, interfaculty and cross-disciplinary character within the Institution.

In this line, the Centre’s main objectives are to: enrich the student’s perspective through the coordination of cross-disciplinary subjects common to all curricula, foster interdisciplinary dialogue and epistemological reflection proper to each discipline.

The CIP is led by lecturers Andrea Rodríguez Prat and Miquel Bastons, director and assistant director, respectively, and the rest of the team, Íñigo Ugalde and Remei Agulles, deputy directors; and Empar Lorda, centre manager, work together with the different faculties in the implementation of cross-disciplinary subjects.

The academic programme makes up a total of 18 ECTS credits in Anthropology, Ethics and Cultural Foundations, distributed throughout the undergraduate courses.

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