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UIC Barcelona is the institution it is today thanks to the commitment of the people who believed and believe in the project.

Committed to the University's mission: to promote knowledge, research and transfer, dedicating time and effort to lifelong learning, with the aim of changing the world.

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25 years of dedication and passion


Many people have always believed in the UIC Barcelona project. Now and always, we appreciate your contribution.
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Jordi Cervós i Navarro had been in Germany for more than forty years as a researcher, professor and vice-rector of the Freie Universität Berlin when the Board proposed he take up the role of rector of a new university to be founded in Barcelona. He accepted the mandate, and with commitment, enthusiasm and without looking back, he forged ahead because he believed in the project.

Sr. Miguel Ángel Cazcarra
President del Patronat de UIC Barcelona

UIC Barcelona is a reality, and a commitment to the future. We want to celebrate that we are now a quarter of a century old, and that no one can stop us in our desire to improve; we are dedicated to constantly working in favour of quality teaching, of excellence in research and in knowledge transfer in order to impact on society.

Dr. Alfonso Méndiz
Rector de UIC Barcelona

We have a wonderful year ahead of us to celebrate. 2 October 2022 is only the beginning of a great celebration, which will continue until June 2023 with the closing of the academic year. It will be a year full of extraordinary activities open to both the university community and their families, and to society in general. It will be a good opportunity to show the world who we are, what we do, how we do it, and where we are going.

Dra. Esther Jiménez
Vicerectora de Comunitat Universitària de UIC Barcelona

Our history: 1997-2022

UIC Barcelona,
25 years (1997-2022)

Between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, a group of parents and teachers, enthusiastic and motivated by learning and higher education, wanted to create a university project with its own identity, when the legal framework did not yet allow the creation of private universities. + info

Institutional Events


The 25th Anniversary Commemoration is your celebration. Participate in this very special course by joining the scheduled activities.

Oct 22

Thanksgiving mass


The Sagrada Família

Oct 22

Opening ceremony of the 2022-2023 academic year and celebration of the 25th anniversary


Aula Magna

Nov 22

Charity trail race



Nov 22

Institutional commemoration in memoriam of Dr Cervós, on his first anniversary


Sant Cugat Campus Auditori

Dec 22

Exhibition of the Nativity collection of UIC Barcelona

Dec 22

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land



Jan 23

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land



Jan 23

Research project award

Apr 23

Exhibition of University art collection

Saló de Graus

Apr 23

Lecture by Richard Taylor

Saló de Graus

May 23

Doctor honoris causa investiture ceremony of Dr Eduardo Bruera


Aula Magna

May 23

International Congress: A Caring Society


Aula Magna

Jun 23

Alumni event and closing ceremony of 25th anniversary


Palau de la Música

Jul 23

Special University 25th anniversary university closing ceremony

University Collection

Seven contemporary

Exhibition of the original works that have illustrated the latest Christmas greeting cards.

During the month of December at the entrance of the Alfa building

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Relive the most special moments of this commemorative year, in the words of its protagonists.


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Day to day we continue with hard work and effort, pushing our values further.